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Sep. 8th, 2017 10:14 am
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Now that I'm out and have officially been outed, I can make an announcement:

I was in Idol again.

Top 5 this time. Not shocked to have gotten voted out when I did — 24 hour deadlines are kind of nasty that way!


I'm happy with how far I made it. I wanted to refute something I saw floating around in Season 9/Friends and Rivals, which was that people only get far because everyone "knows who they are" and it's "not a writing contest, it's a popularity contest".

I played under an alt, interacted minimally with the other players, never asked for votes from anyone, only let five or so people know who I was (most of whom didn't vote in Idol :) ), and wrote my ass off. I think the fact that I made the Top 5 pretty well refutes that — especially since I didn't pay attention to "Idol Rules" and wrote whatever the fuck I wanted (in this case, lots of weird fiction that verged on long).

So — yeah.

At the end of Idol, I usually do a wrap-up of everything I did that I really loved. This time around...there were a few!

Take a Hike is up there — weird selkie story.

The Blue Hour — more nonsense about the daoine sidhe, but this time in a positive light! sorta. :P

Salty, which I submitted as my best piece of the season, and which has extra-meaning now...

It's Always Been Enough, about real magic as performance, and redemption/self-discovery :)

The Waffle House Index — someone else summed this up as "love and death and the end of the world", and I think that's accurate

The Goal Is Zero, which features a return to the Night Market

Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you, which is about Real Magic and the complicated relationship we have with our mothers and our stories...(it gets Pretty Fucking Dark, fyi, and is probably the darkest thing I wrote for Idol? Idk)

Going Forward, about difficult choices and the things we do in the name of grief.

So there you have it. :) The cat's out of the bag, and I'm pretty relieved about that tbh.


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